The 3 Greatest 

Modern Discoveries
of the Bible

They are not the Ark of the Covenant nor the Holy Grail nor the Staff of Moses. They are in fact far greater than any of these three artifacts because they are Spiritual in nature, undeniable and within reach of everyone and anyone. The 3 Greatest Modern Discoveries of the Bible are (1) the Key to Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God (2) God's True Names and (3) Identification of God's One True Church.

The 1st Greatest Modern Discovery of the Bible was discovering the Key to Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God. I began my search of the precise requirement to enter the Kingdom of Heaven back in 2009, I began my journey at the end of the Bible - the Book of Revelation. After a few pages, I found the life-changing answer from this scripture :

"Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God Elohim, and the faith of ImmanuEl." Revelation 14:12

It could not have possibly been any more clearer than that - I had no doubt whatsoever I had discovered the elusive answer to the key to Eternal Life. I then thought, is there further confirmation of this amazing discovery? And the answer was YES - in fact, there are 14 additional scriptures in Revelation alone that absolutely confirmed this incredible find. These two requirements are also to be found in the Old and New Testament once you know the Truth. And once you know the Truth it becomes both obvious and overwhelming.

I titled the discovery The Nazarene Code which highlights the 15 scriptures in the Book of Revelation that confirm, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that these 2 requirements combined are in fact the Key to Eternal Life. It beautifully combines the Old and the New Testaments - it combines the Law (Torah) of the Father with the faith and testimony of the Gospel of the Son. You cannot have One without the Other. Discover The Greatest Modern Discovery of the Bible at:

The 2nd Greatest Modern Discovery of the Bible was discovering God's True Names - In Them is Salvation. Programmed to believe false names, mankind has been in fact deceived to pray and venerate false pagan names. This was another journey I embarked upon to know God Elohim's True Names and I found Them. They are the Names we should call on. Discover God's True Names at:

The 3rd Greatest Modern Discovery of the Bible was discovering God's One True Church. 7 years after discovering the Key to Eternal Life I discovered beyond any doubt which is God Elohim's True Church. Consider that church comes from the Greek word ekklesia meaning assembly or congregation. It is not a physical building nor a State - it is a people. A very special remnant who persevere to enter thru the narrow gate. Who are these people? They are God's Chosen of Israel - they are those who are mentioned throughout the entirety of the Old Testament, they are the lost sheep of Israel whom Christ was sent for (Matthew 15:24) and who He commanded His 12 Apostles to look for - not Gentiles - to preach the Kingdom of God to (Matthew 10:5). And finally, they are those found in the Book of Revelation (2:14, 7:4, 21:12). The only mention of Gentiles in the Book of Revelation is derogatory (11:2, 16:19). In fact, "Christians" are not mentioned at all in the Book of Revelation nor is there any mention of anyone being "saved by grace" or by "faith" alone. What then do the Chosen of Israel - the One True Church of God Elohim - do to become Saints and have Eternal Life? The answer is once again The Law (Torah) of God the Father and the Testimony of the Son of God - see (1) the Greatest Modern Discovery of the Bible.

If you're wondering how is it possible that the 12 Tribes of Israel were keeping Testimony of Christ some 1500 years before His arrival, the 7 Biblical Spring and Fall Feasts they celebrated which represent His appointed times (Moedim) of His 1st and 2nd Coming to earth which God's one true church persevere to keep today. Discover God's One True Church at:

Now I share the revelation of these 3 Great Modern Discoveries of the Bible with you. Research them. Investigate them. Put each one to the test. THE TRUTH AWAITS YOU.

Shalom !