9/23/2017 Great Sign in Heaven

Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres, Ph.D.

Brother Jorge  
(Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres)
Chosen of Israel Author & Publisher

Reflect on this:  The Lord uses the sure motion of the heavenly bodies as the "calendar of record" for the High Court of Heaven.  Do you know the significance of a court calendar-of-record, or a court clock-of-record.  All courts have them. Genesis 1 states that the heavenly bodies are for signs.  These signs are signs of appointed times.  All prophetic events are appointed times.  A seven Feast of the Lord are heralded by the motion,  and phases in the motion, of heavenly bodies.  All of these events are "legal" events of the highest significance.
The Sabbath day is heralded by the motion of heavenly bodies. There are nearly a hundred regular "signs" in the heavens by heavenly bodies every single year.  This means the heavens are the basis of the existence, and even the idea, of a calendar. The Lord gave a prophetic calendar to Israel in Exodus 12.  That calendar heralds the days, the months, the years, and all prophetic events based on the motions and interactions of heavenly bodies. The motion of heavenly bodies is the foundation for all calendars, in heaven and on earth.  Just because fallen cultures on earth twist their calendars, this does not discount the Lord's use of the calendar of the heavens. The concept of the hour, the day, the month, the year, and the epoch are all founded in the motion of the heavenly bodies.

THE GREATEST END TIMES SIGN in '777 | Rev 12 Woman in Heaven will occur on 23 Sep 2017

God's Roadmap to the End - Unlocking Daniel's Sealed Prophecies

Published on Aug 11, 2016
God told both Daniel and John to seal up specific information that He showed to them but that they were told to withhold from those who would read the books that they were writing. This information was meant to be unsealed when "The Time of the End" arrived. That time has now come and God has now given us insight into what was sealed up, so that we can understand his plans in the months ahead.

Watch the second video in the series below:

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To view the alignments that are referred to on this video, both representative of the Revelation 12 Vision, you can find images of these at the following links:

http://i.imgur.com/2IZb0Hj.png - First Instance in 3915BC

http://i.imgur.com/oSUBpLa.png - Second Instance on September 23rd, 2017

You can download a free copy of God's Roadmap to the End e-book at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view...

Bible Code Student's Shocking Discovery: Rev 12 Prophecy, God's Roadmap to the End & Sept 23 2017