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FACT - CHRISTIANS REJECT: God the Father's commandments (Law/Torah), the Law (Torah) Christ lived by, the Law-keeping Gospel Christ preached, the non-profit ministry Christ practiced, the 7th day Sabbath of His Father that Christ kept and taught on (Luke 13:10, Mark 1:21), the keeping of Christ's Commandments (Law) that demonstrate one KNOWS Him (1 John 2:3-5), the keeping of Christ's Commandments (Law) that demonstrate one LOVES Him (John 14:21), Christ's declaration that those that LOVE Him KEEP HIS TEACHING (Matt 14:23), Christ's proclamation to not call each other teacher or instructor (i.e., priest, pastor, minister, reverend, etc. - Matthew 23:8-10), Christ's proclamation to to not call anyone father (Pope meaning papa/father - Matthew 23:9) Christ's warning that those who practice Lawlessness will be rejected on the Day of Judgment (Matt 7:17-27 & Luke 13:23-28), Christ's true sect He founded: The Nazarenes of the Way (Acts 24:5 & http://www.nazarenesoftheway.com/The-Way-Scriptures.php), Christ's true name (http://www.godstruenames.com/the-son-of-gods-name.php), Christ's true appearance (http://www.thenazarenecode.com/bronze-skin-messiah.php) and Christ's confirmation in His Revelation to Yohannon ("John") that those who kept His Father's commandments (Law) will become Saints in the Kingdom of Heaven (Rev 1:2, 1:9, 6:9, 14:12, 20:4).

The FACT is there is NOTHING Christ did, instructed, lived, preached, proclaimed, taught, or warned of that Christians believe or follow - NOTHING. Christianity is in fact the PRECISE OPPOSITE of EVERYTHING Christ stood for.

Anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to think should know that CHRIST NEVER LIVED OR PREACHED CHRISTIANITY. Christ's "religion", "faith" is HIS LAW called TORAH. Without it you have NOTHING but LAWLESSNESS.

It is the very Height of Hypocrisy when Christians claim to "live as Christ" or be "Christ-like" when in fact THEY HATE & REJECT EVERY ASPECT ABOUT HIM: CHRIST'S APPEARANCE, COMMANDMENTS, INSTRUCTION, LIFE, AND NAME. So much so in fact that those who live and keep the Law as He did and teach the Law according to His Word as He commanded are called heretics since the formal creation of Christianity in 325 AD to this day.

Christianity is by definition AntiChrist (ChristianityisAntiChrist.com)

Christians not only practice blatant hypocrisy, they practice Anti-God, Anti-Christ Satanic pagan doctrines. Only a Luciferian would so angrily and wholeheartedly deny and reject the spoken Word of the Father and the Son and those who defend it, live by it, and teach it.


Be they innocent, brain-washed, ignorant, and/or uneducated, Christians have been programmed to vehemently deny Christ by a saint-persecuting, lying (http://www.antichristpaul.com/admitted-liar-and-deceiver.php), schizophrenic (http://www.antichristpaul.com/bipolar-schizo-psychopath.php), and devout Pharisee (http://www.antichristpaul.com/The-Pharisee.php) named Shaúl/Paul whom Christ constantly called HYPOCRITES AND CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL.

Children of God

"9 Anyone born of God refuses to practice sin*, because God’s seed abides in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God. 10 By this the children of God and the children of the devil can be distinguished:Anyone who does not practice righteousness** is not of God..."1 John 3:9-10 

* Christians - do you know how scripture defines Sin? "Sin is transgression OF THE LAW." (1 John 3:4)

(Do you know what AntiGod/AntiChrist Paul declares? JUST THE OPPOSITE: "Because the law worketh wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression."Romans 4:15 - this is pure Satanic Luciferianism plain & simple. Christianity is by definition Lawlessness since it does NOT keep God's Law.

** Christians - do you know what Practicing Righteousness is? It comes from the Greek word dikaiosuné and it means:  "securing the favor of God by works conformed to the requirements OF THE MOSAIC LAW, as though by way of merit; and thatTHEY WOULD THUS ATTAIN TO ETERNAL SALVATION." Source: http://biblehub.com/greek/1343.htm which in turn comes from the Greek root word: dikaios meaning: 1. in a wide sense, upright, righteous, virtuous, KEEPING THE COMMANDS OF GOD; Source: http://biblehub.com/greek/1342.htm

Paul the Pharisee convinced his convert children of hell (Matt 23:15) to believe that God's sacred Law that Christ so loved and preached to follow to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is a curse and nailed to the cross - THIS IS UTTER BLASPHEMY AND THE FURTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH.

Christ CLEARLY tells us He MUST fulfill the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms for ALL to be accomplished (Luke 24:44) - Has this happened? No. This can ONLY happen upon His 2nd Coming. Does Christ's Word on this fact matter to Christians? No.

Paul definitely DID NOT encounter Christ - he encountered Satan on the Road to Damascus.(https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/paul-encountered-satan-christ-road-damascus-mata-torres-ph-d-?trk=pulse_spock-articles) Christians completely IGNORE Christ's description of Satan that matches PRECISELY what Paul claimed to see that day (Luke 18:10). Does this make any difference to Christians? Of course not, they rather believe Christ appeared exactly like Satan.

Christians could care less that Christ declared He would NOT return to earth after He departed after His resurrection UNTIL His 2nd Coming in great glory (Matt 24:30) and for ALL to see (Rev 1:7). Does Christ's declaration mean anything to a Christians? Absolutely not. They rather believe that Christ would flip-flop on His Word and make a sneak visit ONLY to Paul in the appearance of Satan and instruct him to teach completely the opposite doctrine of His Father and His own Word. This is absolutely insane - yet this is precisely the foundation upon what Christianity is based upon.

Neither God the Father nor the Son of God lie nor contradict Themselves (1 Samuel 15:29 & Numbers 23:19). Paul and the heretical cult he founded called Christianity is ENTIRELY based on the premise that God the Father and the Messiah are liars and hypocrites because this is the only means by which Christianity can survive - AND THIS IS SHEER BLASPHEMY.

The above further demonstrates Christians complete ignorance and understanding of the Law (Torah) - if they even had a clue concerning it they would realize that the 7 Biblical Feasts God the Father gave thru the Law of Moses point to the Appointed Times (Moedim) Christ MUST FULFILL in order for ALL to be fulfilled. This obviously has not happened (http://www.thegodreligion.com/gods-master-blueprint-for-christ.php).

Nor has heaven and earth passed away as Christ CLEARLY STATED before any change occurs to the Law (Matt 5:18) - Do Christians believe Christ? Absolutely not - they expectedly and completely ignore His Word on this point as well.

If you're asking yourself, why would God allow Paul to deceive humanity? If Christianity is not of Christ why would God allow it to happen? Ask yourself this - why would God allow the serpent to deceive Eve? why would God allow His children of Israel to fall to Baal and Moloch? Why would God allow Satan to test Job? Why would God allow Satan to tempt Christ? Why??? GOD TESTS EVERYONE'S LOYALTY TO HIM - NO EXCEPTIONS. God's test filter is His Law (Torah) if you keep it, you're welcome to His Kingdom - if you reject it, you're thrown out. It's that simple.

The narrow gate is God's Law - few understand it and fewer still get thru. The broad gate are ALL those man-made religions including and especially Christianity that the world walks thru. Only God's Chosen persevere and stay faithful to God's Word.

WAKE UP CHRISTIANS - It cannot be more obvious - you've been deceived by Satan thru his false apostle Paul the Pharisee whom Christ called children of the devil - (John 8:13-44) and seeing how you have been converted by a Pharisee to follow what he tells you and not the Word of God thru His Son the Christ, makes you a child of hell (Matt 23:15).

CHRIST WARNS YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORKS - they are children of the devil that practice Lawlessness (1 John 3:9-10,Matt 7:17-27 & Luke 13:23-28) and teach others likewise (Matt 5:19). You will also know the works of children of the devil by how they hypocritically profit by their (false) teaching in total violation of what scripture strictly forbids (http://www.bibleofrevelation.com/false-profits.php) and you will also know children of the devil by their works who attack those who defend and live by the spoken Word of God (1 John 3:9-10, Rev 19:13).