The Law & Testimony

                                            in India

The Law & Testimony Preached to the Lost 10 Tribes in India

No doubt this particular source of The Nazarene Code will be controversial to many but it reveals an uncanny consistency to the above 26 Biblical scriptures that indisputably prove that we must keep the Law (Torah) of the Father and Testimony of the Messiah to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What is asked of you is to have an open mind and simply see the CONSISTENCY OF THE MESSAGE of The Nazarene Code which is found in a very remote location far away from Judea yet coincidentally dates precisely during the time of the Messiah's ministry on earth. 

In addition, the one called "the Savior" authoritatively claims that His was the Truth just as He proclaimed to be "the way,the Truth and the Life", heals the afflicted as does the Messiah in the New Testament AND finally, the One called "the Savior is forever identified by a pair of footprints that leave the indelible impressions of One who was crucified in Kashmir.  The similarities do not end there - see "Lost Years" here to discover more overwhelming evidence that the Messiah traveled to the Far East in His search for the Lost Children of the House of Israel that were not to be found in Judaea since only the tribes of Benjamin and the Judah were known to reside there during His ministry.

Vedic Scriptures

The Nazarene Code
 is instructed by one whom the narrator calls "the Savior" in India as did the Messiah in Judaea declaring  Testimony that He is the Son of God(35:45 mark) & at His imminent death gives His unwavering message  to KEEP the commandments(Law) of His Father (51:00 mark)

In addition, the One called "the Savior" in India is also chronicled to having healed the afflicted, claims that His was the Truth just as He proclaimed to be "the way, the Truth and the Life" in the New Testament, and leaves behind His unique footprints in Kashmir that bears the marks of one who was crucified. In fact, the One called "the Savior" is buried in an East to West direction - unique to peoples from Israel as opposed to the tradition in India of burying their dead in a North to South direction.

There is yet more overwhelming evidence found in India that is extremely compelling if not conclusive that points to the Messiah whose "lost" and unspoken years in the bible can be explained in His search for the lost 10 tribes of the house of Israel in the Far East where portions of the population demonstrate traits found only from peoples possessing Hebraic roots. Visit "Lost Years" to see and judge the evidence for yourself.