Why NO mention of Christians, Gentiles, Paul, being "saved by grace" or "faith alone" in Christ's Revelation of Heaven?

Brother Jorge  
(Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres)
Chosen of Israel Author & Publisher

You didn't know that?

Is it pure coincidence ALL 5 of the above were left out?

Did Christ forget about ALL 5 of them?

The above 5 components ALL share a common thread - have you figured it out?


Gentiles is 1484. ethnos in Greek meaning: 1484 éthnos (from ethō, "forming a custom, culture") – properly, people joined by practicing similar customs or common culture; nation(s), usually referring to unbelieving Gentiles (non-Jews) (i.e., non-Israelites). Source: http://biblehub.com/greek/1484.htm

Note: The original Greek word found in Revelation 6:11, 19:10 and 22:9 is 80. adelphos meaning "brother" NOT "Christian" (5546. Christianos) as falsely indicated in some modern Bibles - look up the Lexicon for proof of this fact. "Brother/brethren" was the term Christ commanded for all His disciples to be called (Matthew 23:8, 2 Peter 3:16-17).

There is NOT ONE SINGLE SCRIPTURE that mentions any Gentile or Christian inheriting the Kingdom of God in Christ's Revelation. Why?

There is not ONE SINGLE SCRIPTURE that mentions the words, "saved by grace", "faith alone", "saved by grace thru faith" or any combination of these words in Christ's Revelation. Why?

There is NOT ONE SINGLE SCRIPTURE that mentions Paul though his epistles represent almost 30% of the NT - far more than those mentioned below yet he is not mentioned whatsoever by the Prophets nor in Christ's Revelation. Why?


Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and ALL the prophets ending with John will be there (Luke 13:28, 16:16)

Elijah will be there (2 Kings 2:11, Matt. 17:1-3, Mark 9:1-4)

Enoch will be there (Genesis 5:24, Hebrews 11:5)

Moses will be there (Matt. 17:1-3, Mark 9:1-4, Rev 15:3)

Christ's 12 hand-picked Apostles will be there (Luke 22:28-30, Revelation 12:14)

Christ's Nazarenes identified as His Saints will be there (Acts 9:13, 26:10)

God's Chosen of Israel will be there (Revelation 7:4, 14:1-3, 21:12)

HINT: ALL the above kept / keep 2 things in common.

If you can figure out what the 2 things ALL the above have in common that Gentiles & Christians DO NOT share with them, there is your answer. More importantly, if you keep those 2 things you will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven according to the Son of God.

Concerning Paul, why would the writer of nearly 30% of the NT and self-proclaimed apostle to the Gentiles not be mentioned in Christ's Revelation of the Kingdom of God?

Have you figured it out?

Answer below: