Easter is an unbiblical pagan ceremony - Neither God ELohim Nor ImmanuEL the Son of God EVER proclaimed for us keep a Luciferian pagan ceremony - THEIR FEAST IS PASSOVER - do you not know that ??? Do you think God ELohim will give you a pass for your ignorance or stubborness to keep Easter ??? HE WON'T (read below).

                                 Get Rid of Easter!                                                                                    
(Pagan origins of Easter and Christmas Exposed) Part 1 of 8                                      
Easter -The Pagan Passover

"Yes, I will punish those who participate in pagan worship ceremonies, and those who fill their masters' houses with violence and deceit."Zephaniah 1:9 

Do right by God - DO NOT KEEP EASTER - it's a Luciferian pagan ceremony He hates and will punish you for keeping unless you change your evil ways.

Is Passover "Jewish"? Not at all - First of all, God Elohim is NOT "Jewish" - no such scripture exists. Second, the words "Jew" and "Jewish" are NOT to be found in the Old Testament.Third, at no time are ALL 12 tribes of Israel magically transformed into one - the Yehudim - from where the false name "Jew" arose. The southern region where some of the tribes of Israel settled was Anglosized to be "Judea" when in fact in Greek it is "ioudaioi" - there is no "J" in Hebrew either.

Is Passover JUST for the children of Israel?

"A foreigner residing among you IS ALSO to celebrate the LORD's Passover in accordance with its rules and regulations.  You must have the same regulations FOR BOTH THE FOREIGNER and the native-born." Numbers 9:14

"This is a day to remember (Passover). Each year, from generation to generation, YOU MUST CELEBRATE IT as a special festival to the LORD. THIS IS A LAW FOR ALL TIME." Exodus 12:14

What part of generation to generation do you not understand? What part of MUST CELEBRATE provides a date of expiration? What part of it being a Law FOR ALL TIME do you fail to get?

Do you think His proclamation ends when some bipolar schizophrenic Pharisee (Paul) who kept the Law (Acts 24:14) declares otherwise ???

Do you think God the Most High is a Liar? do you think God Elohim changes His mind? HE DOESN'T - (1 Samuel 15:29 & Numbers 23:19).