A CHALLENGE TO ALL CHRISTIANS:


1. Show me the Scripture(s) where either God Elohim, the Messiah, or to be very generous, where the 12 Apostles appointed by Christ authorizes/instructs Paul to ABOLISH/CONTRADICT/REPEAL His and/or His Father's Law (Circumcision, Diet, Festivals, Sabbath, etc.). Do not provide any assumptions or obscure or vague scripture - it MUST be crystal clear. 

Surely, if Elohim God commands His people to keep His Law (Torah) for ALL generations representing thousands of years without end AND the Messiah clearly states you do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven without keeping the Law (Matthew 7:17-23 & Matthew 19:17) THEN CERTAINLY THE SINGLE GREATEST PARADIGM SHIFT IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE AND ALL HUMAN HISTORY FROM GOD TO ABOLISH HIS STRICT UNYIELDING LAW TO A COMPLETELY CONTRADICTORY LAWLESS PRACTICE WOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE (1) SINGLE VERSE AUTHORIZING IT - WHERE IS IT ???

Show me the Scripture(s) where the Prophets mention ANYTHING about a completely contradictory doctrine THAT WOULD REPLACE THE WORD OF GOD'S LAW. WHERE IS IT ???

Let's be more liberal with this COLOSSAL, MONUMENTAL CHANGE...

Show me the Scripture(s) where at least ONE of the 12 Apostles directly appointed by the Messiah to instruct others to teach HIs Gospel, authorizes and/or instructs Paul to ABOLISH/CONTRADICT/REPEAL God's Law. WHERE IS IT ???

Can't find any of the above 3 with the ONLY authority to mandate the abolishment of God's Law? Then let's be EXTREMELY liberal with who might possibly have some authority to grant this COLOSSAL, MONUMENTAL CHANGE...

4. Show me the Scripture(s) - if Ananias (who btw was deeply devoted to the Law - Acts 22:12) was to "instruct/guide" Paul according to "the LORD", show me where he (Ananias) authorizes/instructs Paul to ABOLISH/CONTRADICT/REPEAL God's Law. WHERE IS IT ???

Look all you want - you're never going to find it. The fact is, Elohim God and/or Immanuel the Son of God NEVER abolished Their Law NOR authorized ANYONE to do so.

BTW: Acts 10:10 is NOT about eating foods the Most High considers impure - it's about accepting any man (Acts 10:28) who is righteous (in the Ways of God) and God-fearing (Acts 10:22) - it is obvious they are keeping the Law and have foregone the practice of idolatry and other immoral practices forbidden by God Elohim (see Deuteronomy 12:29-32; 18:9-14, Leviticus 18:24-28, Furthermore, there is NO scriptural evidence Peter's trance is EVERmentioned or spoken to Paul where the Pharisee could have misinterpreted his dream to mean impure meats are acceptable to eat and by some entirely illogical extension, the entire Law (Torah) is therefore abolished.

NOTE: 1st Earth and Heaven have NOT passed away (Matt 5:17-19), the Messiah has NOT returned yet to fulfill the Law (seeHTTP://WWW.HOUSEOFISRAELBIBLE.COM/7-BIBLE-FEASTS-MESSIAH-CONNECTION.PHP), & ALL IS NOT ACCOMPLISHED UNTIL the 1st Earth Passes and NEW Earth appears (Rev. 21:1-6). RE-READ REV 21:6 -THE FACT IS, GOD NEVER AUTHORIZED THE ABOLISHMENT OF HIS LAW - THE LAW CONTINUES TODAY.

AND BTW - Why would the Most High place His Law within His children in the Kingdom of Heaven (Jeremiah 31:31-34 & Micah 4:1-4) if the Law is a curse and nailed to the cross according to Paul? IT'S BECAUSE IT'S NOT A CURSE - IT'S A BLESSING (see HERE).

The above are straight-forward questions that require straight-forward answers - there is no "catch" or "gimmick" here NOR are these "trick questions" - IT'S YOUR ETERNAL LIFE THAT'S AT STAKE HERE.Paul's self-declarations and self-proclamations ARE NOT AUTHORITY nor statements from his companions and disciples Barnabas, Titus, or Timothy. Do not make assumptions, manipulate scripture out of context or go off topic - STICK TO THE QUESTIONS ABOVE.

THE FACT IS Christians follow the Lawless, heretical doctrines of a false Apostle Anti-Christ, Anti-God Elohim. Here's further proof:  WWW.FALSEAPOSTLE.COM & WWW.LAWLESSPAUL.COM