Brother Jorge  
(Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres)
Chosen of Israel Author & Publisher

Have you ever heard of the documentary, "Scared Straight"?  It involves taking troubled juveniles into jails where hardened criminals and "lifers" tell them what life is like there - it is so intense many of these youths are literally shaken to the core and most straighten out their evil ways.

Immediately below are videos of people who have had extraordinary experiences where they have seen what hell and heaven are like.  Take the time to view them - you may well find yourself making adjustments in your way of life to correct your sinning and Lawless (Torah-less) lifestyle so that you may hopefully be found worthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Below is the full length version of the incredible true-life story of a man declared dead for 3 days and after coming back to life, gives the profound account of what he saw and the experience from a near death experience of a 15 year old boy. These particular videos were particularly selected because the experiences these individuals encountered sound genuine and because there is no profit sought in telling their stories which should always be a warning sign from those that do.

               Testimony of Heaven and Hell by Nigerian Pastor                                           15 Year Old Recounts Vision of Heaven and Hell