Brother Jorge  
(Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres)
Chosen of Israel Author & Publisher

1. The Astronomically Supernatural Event of the Messiah's Birth

Bethlehem Star Scientifically Confirms Biblical Events
Published on Dec 25, 2013

No wonder atheism/agnosticism is dying out around the world as science continues to catch up with the Bible and the Biblical record. ~ ~ The star of Bethlehem is just one of thousands and thousands of evidence pieces confounding atheist speculations and frustrating secular humanist cult leader college professors of our day. The next generation is now overthrowing the antiquated, outdated, regurgitated propaganda of dead atheists and deleting the sour social anthems of the spiritually

suicidal in order to discover the freedom there is in loving truth and being connected to the One and Only Holy God who is truth personified in the person of Jesus Christ the Lord. No longer is the young adult forced to waste their life listening the modern ministers of meaninglessness. They are free to think for themselves, break free from the self-destructive self-centered, peer pressure sold by a secular social engineers. Furthermore, the person who adopts atheism maintains their delusion through a lifestyle of disassociation that must ignore and deny the reality of a fine-tuned universe, scientific evidence leading logically to intelligent design, the PRE-PROGRAMED genetic INFORMATION in DNA, the suddenness of the appearance of COMPLEX life in the fossil record, the fact that even after allegedly hundreds of millions of years certain organisms have not changed at all,  and they will even deny their own existence, purpose, design, and meaning if it means avoiding the knowledge of being morally accountable to the One and Only Holy who created them." -