Brother Jorge  
(Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres)
Chosen of Israel Author & Publisher

                                                                                          Tithing Fraud


Modern day Tithing by Christian churches headed by scam artists is a fraud for the following reasons:  

(1) It WAS taken ONLY from agricultural produce and herds
(2) It WAS based ONLY on increase not “principal”
(3) It WAS given ONLY to the Levitical priesthood. This offering came to a spiritual end with the death of the Messiah and a physical end with the destruction of the Temple records in 70 AD

Furthermore, you will NOT find one single scripture where the Messiah nor the Apostles EVER asked for tithes from the followers. On the contrary, the Son of God and His men provided FOR their flock.

Those who charge to attend and listen to their fallacious and heretical interpretations of the Bible and/or solicit donations, sell books, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. 
ARE NOT MEN OF GOD BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW NOR FOLLOW THE WORD OF GOD. They are like ravenous wolves who abuse those who blindly and ignorantly follow their heretical doctrines and practices - many who are financially strapped yet these thieves will pull psychological tactics to make followers feel guilty and shame if they do not give these frauds their hard-earned money.

These hypocrites are quick to claim the Law is a curse and nailed to the cross but are quick to ask for you to Tithe 10% of your gross earnings each year from their followers that is an Old Testament Torah "Law" practice.  Some Adventist sects will ask this 2-3 times a year from their scripturally and historically ignorant flock).

                The Tithing Deception                                  The Tithing Guilt Trip Exposed