Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres, Ph.D.

Brother Jorge  
(Dr. Jorge Mata-Torres)
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1. God Elohim identifies ONLY the Law-keeping children of Israel as His Chosen who will inherit the Kingdom - NO ONE ELSE and much less Lawless Gentiles (Matthew 7:17-27 & Luke 13:23-28) who deny and reject His sacred Law He commanded us to keep FOREVER (Isaiah 40:8, Psalm 33:9).  Furthermore, God Elohim DOES NOT CHANGE HIS MIND OR IS A LIAR (1 Samuel 15:29, Numbers 23:19) which means He WOULD NEVER NOR WILL EVER change His mind or lie about keeping His Law for a THOUSAND GENERATIONS (1 Chronicles 16:15, Psalm 105:8, Deuteronomy 5:10 & 7:9).  FYI - Only 42 generations have passed from Abraham to Christ (Matthew 1:17). Christ the Word of God would NEVER CONTRADICT THE WORD OF GOD ELOHIM - The Messiah never authorized the abolishment of God's Law thru a hypocrite, child of hell Pharisee (Paul) - In fact, you will not find ANY SCRIPTURE ANYWHERE in Paul's writings where God Elohim authorizes him to abolish His Law nor consider it a curse. PAUL IS A LIAR (here).

2.  Paul was NEVER named an Apostle by either Christ or His Apostles - Not only is there no such scripture to support They ever did, but Paul did not even qualify to pass the TEST for candidacy to be considered as an Apostle (Acts 1:21-22). Most importantly, Christ's 12 hand-picked Apostles are the same 12 Apostles who will judge the 12 tribes of Israel in the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 22:28-30 & Revelation 21:12-14).  There is no 13th gate for Gentiles. There is ZERO mention of Paul and/or a 13th Apostle in Heaven in the Gospels or Revelation of Christ. Furthermore, Christ warns to TEST those claiming to be an Apostle AND ARE PROVEN FALSE as Paul so fraudulently declared himself to be (Revelation 2:2)

3.  Paul gave THREE (3) CONTRADICTORY VERSIONS of his supposed encounter with "the Nazarene" on the road to Damascus (here).  Worse yet, hi
s description of what he saw on the road to Damascus MATCHES PRECISELY the description of Satan that the Prophet Isaiah, the Son of God, and he, Paul, himself described him to look like (here).

4.  The Messiah Son of God was sent ONLY for the lost Law-keeping sheep of Israel 
- NOT LAWLESS GENTILES (Matthew 15:24) and likewise instructed His 12 Apostles to do the same (Matthew 10:5-7)

5.  The Messiah claimed that heaven and earth would pass before His Law does (Luke 16:17, Matthew 5:18- as of this writing, heaven and earth have NOT passed away - obviously God's Law IS STIL IN EFFECT. Furthermore, Christ HAS NOT fulfilled the Law YET - this can only happen at His 2nd Coming in accordance to the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms (here & here).

6.  The Cross is not only a graven image as declared by God in His 2nd commandment, but it is the torture and murder weapon of Christ (here) and the Mark of the Beast on one's forehead (mind) with its origin coming from the pagan Tau cross of Tammuz (here).

7. Contrary to the Christian lie that the Law was just for "Jews" - God declared that His Law was for EVERYBODY - both Israelite and Gentile ALIKE (
Exodus 12:49, Leviticus 24:22, Numbers 9:14, Numbers 15:5, Numbers 15:16, Numbers 15:29)  The "Mark/Sign" of the Beast on the forehead (mind) is the "Sign" of the cross (here). 

Paul, the one and only writer in the Bible that preached Lawlessness and being "saved by grace" and "faith alone", proved to be the Ultimate Hypocrite by keeping with Christ's rebuke of ALL Pharisees for being the worst of hypocrites and children of hell - HE KEPT THE LAW HIS ENTIRE LIFE (here). In typical Pharisee fashion, he NEVER practiced what he preached as Christ also warned of them (Matthew 23:2-3). THIS FACT discredits the entire credibility of Paul, his writings, and of Christianity.

There is absolutely ZERO mention of Lawless, "saved by grace", or "faith alone" Gentiles to be found in the Kingdom of God NOR any mention of Catholics, Christians, or any other Lawless Gentiles for that matter in the Revelation of Christ - NOT ONE. Christians are literally Pharisee (Paul) converts not Christ converts - if they were Christ converts they would be keeping His Law as He frequently repeated to His followers in His Gospels. Pharisee converts (Lawless Gentiles) are twice the children of hell according to Christ (Matthew 23:15).

10.  God will establish His New Covenant ONLY WITH THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL 
in the Kingdom of Heaven and place HIS LAW in their hearts for ALL ETERNITY (Jeremiah 31:31-34, Micah 4:1-4 & here) having loyally kept His Law on earth which served as God's "proving ground".  GOD ELOHIM DID NOT MAKE HIS NEW COVENANT WITH LAWLESS GENTILES WHO REJECT IT. 

REALITY CHECK: Don't be fooled by false "profit" Gentile pastors (here) whose "business" is promoting Paul's heretical Lawlessness and do not be fooled by the word "Christ" in Christianity - it is Lucifer's perfect deception thru his disciple Pharisee Paul in creating as Anti-Christ a Cult as can be to deny the world the Kingdom of God. 

Become one of God's Chosen of Israel - BEGIN TO KEEP HIS LAW (TORAH) TODAY